How do I find daycare in my local area?

Just provide your zip code, or address, to find daycare in your area. It's almost that easy, the daycares will appear in the map below. Click on one of the local daycare providers displayed and a little information will appear for that child care provider. You can also click through to the daycare provider profile to find out more information about their services. We strive to provide the best information so you can set up meetings with daycares near you. Our expanded profiles aim to help you narrow your daycare search, so you can quickly decide which daycares in your area would work best for you.

Enter an address or zip code and click the find locations button.

We provide information on in-home daycare providers, childcare centers, and preschools in our local daycare search results. Our expanded daycare profiles include; address, phone number, website, openings, cost, philosophies of care, staff information, and photos of the daycares in your area.

Once you find daycares in your area you should always interview prospective daycare providers before entrusting them with your children. You should always review the contract you enter into with your daycare provider, before signing it. Many daycare providers establish a contract with you to protect them from non-payment, or to enforce rules or payments due to late to pick-up of your child, and in some cases establish their paid vacation dates. Be mindful that you are hopefully establishing a long term relationship with your daycare provider. You may want to read our article on the top 10 things providers want parents to know.

Once you have a local daycare, you may want to attempt to establish a relationship with an alternate provider in case your provider is sick or on vacation. Having a back-up daycare lined up will save you from missing work and burning up your own vacation while they are unavailable. Consider family, friends, and neighbors as lower-cost temporary options for when your daycare is not available.

When looking for daycare in your area the first place to start is!