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In 2004, as we prepared for the birth of our first child, we started to search for daycare. We quickly realized that it was going to be much harder than we thought. We struggled through out-of-date referral lists that only included providers' name, address and phone number.

We wished we had more information when deciding which providers to call. We finally found a wonderful provider who we completely trusted, but we wished the process had been easier. That led us to create Daycare Match.

We're parents--we've searched for a childcare provider. And now we know our search would have been easier if we had started out knowing the kind of information that you can find here.

We also want to make the process of finding daycare easier for childcare providers. We understand that providers put their hearts into caring for children and often do not have the means to advertise.

We're committed to helping parents and providers come together. Our children are precious and deserve the best care possible. We'll help you find that care.

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